CANCELLED: Alessandro Cortini presents Avanti (Italy), Destroyer 2048 (Finland)

26.08.2017 - 26.08.2017


Unfortunately, Alessandro Cortini has been forced to cancel his appearance at the Stage Festival.


Alessandro Cortini presents Avanti

Avanti is an audiovisual ensemble, that is based on the home videos filmed on the super 8mm film by Alessandro Cortini´s grandfather. The project started as a synthesizer-improvisation and evolved to processing of personal memories through sound. Cortini, known as the master of analogical synthesizers, plays simple and intimate, almost meditative music which leads the listeners deep to their own worlds. Despite the sun faded melancholic nostalgia of the visual material the artwork still looks forward and points out into the future.


Destroyer 2048

Destroyer 2048 is Tatu Nenonen´s and Ilmari Paananen´s collective, that offers a space for creating performative and experimental art regardless of the instrument. Both sound and vision play an important role and the core is to abuse machinery and their logic. The gig is improvised from the beginning until the end. The idea is to find every time a new approach to using electricity as the instrument of producing sound and vision.

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