Draama-Helmi, Viiksimaisteri "The Use of a Personal Computer 2017"

23.08.2017 - 23.08.2017

TIME: Wednesday 23.8. at 20:00
VENUE: Vintti



Korjaamo Vintti is taken over by Draama-Helmi, who catapulted from the underground scene. Draama-Helmi´s “unclear rap” and the rough spoken word travels in worlds that are twisted, packed with gritty realism and sometimes full of anger. But by your side there's a soft, lost, cagey and childlike friend that goes by the name Helmi Kajaste. This May the artist published her new album Draama-Helmi Ihmisten ilmoilla. She charms her audience with her sympathetic sincerity and the cranky experimental dreamlike layers of her music.

The Use of a Personal Computer 2017

Viiksimaisteri's and Leonid Demin's The Use of a Personal Computer 2017 is an audiovisual 3D show that happens in a computer's operating system and exploits its features. Viiksimaisteri makes the audience follow everything that goes on in his computer, takes the spectator for a fly through files, sites and software updates. The hypnotically flashing multi-colour improvisation show turns Facebook into a room with four walls and copies Youtube videos to echoes that repeat to infinity. The everyday and personal becomes amusing and entertaining. In the artwork Leonid Demin's dark intense modular synthesizer music creates its own space of dimension. Live played electronical soundtrack leads the picture to the same degree as the picture leads the sound.

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