Halory Goerger: Corps Diplomatique (France)

26.08.2017 - 27.08.2017

VENUE: Vaunusali
TIMES: Sat 26.8. at 18:00, Sun 27.8 at 15:00


A local journalist has just made it to the international space station, on board with Corps Diplomatique, an amateur astronaut crew which is about to drift in space and write performing art daily. In this rotting kingdom, they try desperately to perpetuate the spirit of our society as well as the principles of art and especially drama itself. The play is staging the rise and fall of this utopian microcommunity and its ideals. It is a hymn to our sometimes pathetic and stubborn efforts to keep up with civilisation and culture.

Halory Goerger (1978) is a French performance artist, whose work has been introduced e.g. at Vienna Festival and New York Under the Radar festival. He bases his work on literature, language and modern dance among other things.

Concept: Halory Goerger
Actors: Albane Aubry, Juliette Chaigneau, Arnaud Boulogne, Dominique Gilliot, Halory Goerger
Stage Manager: Germain Wasilewski
Development: Antoine Villeret et Cyrille Henry
Sound and video: Stéphane Lévêque / Antoine Villeret
Electronics: Robin Mignot
Light: Annie Leuridan / Julie Bardin
Cotumes: Aurélie Noble
Music: Martin Granger
Outside eyes: Mylène Benoit
Set: Halory Goerger / Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers
Makeup: Manue Brechet
Production: La Magnanerie - Julie Comte, Anne Herrmann, Victor Leclère, Sandrine Barrasso and Martin Galamez

Language: French 
Subtitles: Finnish

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