Showcase Beat Le Mot: Nazi Superhumans Are Superior to You All - The Horror of the Ordinary (Germany)

25.08.2017 - 26.08.2017

VENUE: Kulmasali
TIMES: Fri 25.8. at 20, Sat 26.8. at 14.00


The Nazi superhumans start a choir so that they can advance on their voices - With angels and trumpets. The choir should sing Wagner, but can also choose Verdi. ‘It doesn’t matter,’ think the Supernazis. For their rallying cry is to make space – their need for fresh air and free space is stronger than any hate. The Supernazis clear everything that blocks their path, for they notice that destruction simplifies the world tremendously.

The German performance and theatre collective Showcase Beat Le Mot was established in 1997. It's considered as one of the main collectives of our time. In this performance the independent company evades the rules of the municipal theatre apparatus and breaks taboos as usual. Showcase shows are typically vast patchworks of self-written songs, choreographies, videos, narrative texts and occasional dialogues. 

Idea/Concept/Set/Costumes: Showcase Beat Le Mot
Music: Albrecht Kunze
She Wolf Sharon: Sharon Smith
Costumes: Tanja Jesek, Clemens Leander
Set: Christian Wenzel, Andrej Trofimoff
Video: Alexej Tscherny
Graphic: Anne Kube
Light: Sebastian Zamponi
Sound: Mila Stern
Production: Olaf Nachtwey

Language: English 
Subtitles: Finnish
Duration: 2 h 30 min

Seats are unnumbered

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