Towards The Future Museum

24.08.2017 - 24.08.2017

TIME: Thursday 24.8. at 17:00 
TICKETS: Free admission
DURATION: 52 min

Museums are going through a change and are now more popular than ever before. But what will happen to them in the future? In the new documentary Minna Joenniemi explores what kind of future museums foretell for us and themselves.

In the documentary, directed by Tuula Viitaniemi, Minna Joenniemi interviews many of the prominent figures of the museum field, but problems and solutions are reflected also with the workers of museums. The trip begins from a wedding held in the Vantaa City Museum where they perform civil ceremonies. Minna Joenniemi takes this popularity of museum weddings as a sign of that people no longer only experience history in museums. Now they are places where you can create your own history, make actions of love.

The success of the museum card and the growth of the attendance all over the world shows that we need museums right now. Still there are many challenges. In Western countries the age structure is changing. How do museums prepare for the times when the most active generations of culture consumers no longer exist? One future trend is that more and more Finns are born into two cultures. How museums speak to people from different backgrounds?

The functions of museums are multiplying. They are involved in the travel business, health and social services reform, revolution of the digitalization, though the traditional assignments call for more and more work. Museums acknowledge that in order to secure their existence in the future they must be at taxpayers disposal right now.  

Production: Yle Kulttuuri ja viihde


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